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Powered by OpenAI's GPT-3 Natural Language Model, copyhelper generates ideas product marketing copy to be used in social media posts and advertisements.

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How copyhelper works

Watch our video for a quick demonstration about how copyhelper can help you generate new ideas to test for your digital campaigns.

Generate ideas for your campaign with AI

Unblock writer's block.

Generate ideas that can spark a new direction in your writing

We get it. It takes time to generate compelling copy, so why not generate some ideas that can help you get your creative juices flowing.

These AI ideas are based on your input and the output is completely editable by you.

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Generate copy ideas to test in seconds

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iStock by Getty Images Integration

Select high quality images for your campaign with our iStock Integration

We've integrated with iStock to provide you with some images that can be useful for your campaign

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Take the pain out of tracking campaign urls

Generate campaign tracking parameters for your campaign

Copyhelper makes it easy to track your social campaigns with our utm_campaign spreadsheet generator. Simply choose your

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Measurement Solutions Available

Need help measuring the impact of your social campaigns?

We'd love to help you create some reporting which demonstrates the impact of your campaign

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