High quality data products that generate value and save people time

Our products are designed to help save people time so that you can focus more on generating insights that move your business forward.

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API Integrations, Dashboard Designs and AI Models

We're building data products on top of the best technology platforms such as Google, OpenAI, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Built for People Who Love Data

data spaces app

Our data platform makes it easy to categorize and pin data that is important to you and your business. It's mobile friendly and let's you organize links to your favourite reporting tools from around the web in to categories such as acquisition, engagement, retention and growth.

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Built for People Who Love Open Source


Generate a forecast in 3 easy steps. Simply upload your csv, configure some settings and generate a forecast. It's easy to use and best of all, it's open source! So give it a try or fork it on Github. With forecastr, you'll be able to learn how to build an open source web app and understand how it is integrated with one of the most advanced forecasting libraries called fbprophet

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A No-code Data Pipeline Solution


Our data platform makes it easy to schedule data imports from your social media campaigns into your own data warehouse account with no code.

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Prototype with AI


Our latest OpenAI app helps people generate web experiences using only natural language!

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We Love Data Studio and Data Viz

Get the latest dashboard designs and templates

As part of the data spaces experience, we've design high quality data visualizations and dashboards with the goal of making it easier for you to unlock actionable intelligence from your data.

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