Kanban for Growth Teams

Build Growth Collaboratively

Designed for people working in Growth Teams, our Kanban system simplifies the management of your testing program and enables you to build a searchable knowledge base of learnings that your whole company can benefit from.


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Kanbans for Growth Marketing

How our kanban system works

Watch the short video that demonstrates how you can simplify the management of your testing program

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Build a knowledge base of learnings

Convert kanban cards into searchable Knowledge Pages

Once you have completed a task or experiment, document the key learnings and the outcome of a hypothesis. Add in images that describe any variations tested and even embed a Data Studio dashboard!

Build a Knowledge base of Learnings

Kanban for Growth

Simplify the management of your growth program


Share knowledge with your team

Create better alignment with stakeholders on projects and growth opportunities

Use the kanban to communicate the current state of projects and share knowledge with key stakeholders using the Growth Knowledge Base. Create, tag and filter cards that focus on growing areas such as Acquisition, Engagement and Retention.

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Search powered by OpenAI's Semantic Search technology

Build a searchable knowledge base of learnings that your whole company can benefit from

Share knowledge and updates about the progress of your growth program. Creating a searchable library of learnings can help people better understand what's worked and what hasn't

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Now available as a mobile web app

Manage your growth program from anywhere on any device

We've packed our kanban system with all of the features you'd expect plus a few more. We are committed to delivering a superience experience, whether on desktop or mobile.

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