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Powered by OpenAI's GPT-3 Natural Language Model, prototypr generates high fidelity dashboard mock-ups that can be exported to HTML.


Powered by One of the World's Most Advanced AI Models

We build data products on top of the best technology platforms on the web.

Generate a data product with AI

How prototypr works

The alpha version of prototypr generates front end components of data products such as tables, time series charts, scorecards and more

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A variety of front end components to generate

Generate Web Components Using Natural Language

Prototypr makes it easy to generate dashboard components using language such as 'show me a list of growth opportunities'

Generate a Prototype Today

Generate a prototype in minutes

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Create better alignment on Reporting by mocking up a prototype with your team

As part of the prototypr experience, we keep track of all of your dashboard requirements, then auto generate a draft proposal for your session!

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Export your Prototype to HTML

Prototypr makes it easy to export your mockup to HTML. When you are satisfied with your design, just click the download button.

Generate a data product with AI

Free Sample Dashboards

A Gallery of Dashboards Generated by Prototypr

Check out the variety of dashboards that can be generated with AI

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